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Afternoon Breeze; Giclée

Giclée, from the original Acrylic

00″high x 00″wide   $25.00


A Giclée can be created in larger or smaller sizes,

however, the image will stay proportional.



What is a Giclée?

Giclée prints are a work-of-art in themselves. They utilize time-tested craftsmanship and modern technology to create a valuable fine art reproduction that will provide many years of enjoyment for its owner.

Pronounced “zhee-clay,” Giclée is a French word meaning to spray on. While this is a simple description used in printing, Giclée fine art reproduction is much more.

It begins with a scan of the original painting. By using high-end drum scanners and digital cameras, the painting’s depth of color, subtle hues, and intricate details are captured by experienced technicians. It is printed on the best quality fine art paper or on acid free quality canvas that is stretched onto a wood frame. Both have a texture similar to the original surface, using pigmented inks that are guaranteed not to fade under normal lighting conditions for over 200 years.



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Acrylic on canvas
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